Our Story

The South West of England is experiencing a shortage of clinicians yet there is enormous potential arising from our innovative work integrating Pharmacy into the broader health system. As a result, there is a wealth of opportunities; a whole series of new roles emerging at the leading edge of care development, at pay levels above the national rate, in what is regarded as one of the best places in the country to live.

Across the South West Pharmacy organisations are joining together; Acute Trusts, Community Organisations, General Practice, Mental Health Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and private companies have come together to look for energetic, clinically orientated pharmacists and technicians to support the innovative development of practice in our area.

The South West is unique in developing a pharmacy system that integrates working practices across pharmacy sectors and healthcare pathways - all working together to maximise patient care. Many roles are being created to work across the interfaces of organisations, settings of care and professions. This will increase the clinical content and allow practitioners to work with patients in a far more interactive way to improve outcomes. These roles include working across providers supporting patients transferring from acute care into the community and providing support to general practice from within the community pharmacy sector. This approach will be supported with clinical practice development, engaging with other professions, educational organisations and the pharmaceutical industry to align education, increase capacity and further the scope of the available learning opportunities for the local workforce. These roles are still emerging and the future of pharmacy in the South West is still evolving and will be determined by those working across the sector, creating new possibilities in how care is delivered. The South West is looking for innovators and visionaries to help make this a reality. The types of role being envisaged are cross sector, where clinical skills are used across boundaries to improve continuity of care and outcomes. For example, working in a hospital and supporting the care of frail elderly patients whilst linking into the community and a role in general practice supporting patients to be able to return to and stay in their home, coordinating practice and community pharmacy staff in the continuity of their care. Working in the community carrying out interventions on behalf of the practice and based in primary care identifying patients for effective Medicines Use Reviews and New Medicines Service, monitoring patients and providing care planning, ultimately uniting everyone in the system to make the best use of all there is to offer.

These roles require commitment to your own professional development, the South West has increasing numbers committing to Diploma programmes, Independent Prescribing programmes and more broadly in enhancing clinical skills. The right people for these roles are those who are prepared to continually improve themselves to ensure they are equipped for the exciting but changing future roles that are being created. Living in the South West is not just about your clinical and career growth, it is also a lifestyle choice combining the beautiful coastline, multitude of water sports, the stunning countryside and vibrant city experiences. The intention is to recruit in groups, wherever possible, creating opportunities for the great surrounding of the region to be enjoyed to their utmost.